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January 30, 2018  (last update: 2019-01-05)

15-second Pitch

This is a collection of my digisted notes, some code snippets and discussion on solutions to selected exercises (sometimes further exploration originated but beyond those topics) at the end of each chapter in A Graduate Course in Applied Cryptography by Dan Boneh and Victor Shoup.


What these series of posts are NOT:

What these posts are:

Notes & Solutions

NOTE: I’m still half way through this book, thus more solutions and code are still under their way. If any wanderer found these raw drafts useful and want further discussion, please don’t hesitate to contact me

Chapter 0: Number Theory and Abstract Algebra Basics: If you are/were a math major, then these might be less relevant to you. But if you are not (like me), these are the resources that help me slowly bridge the gap on my number theory basics:

Chapter 2: Encryption:

Chapter 3&4:

(TODO: I wrote these solutions on papers, and I’ll upload them into more readable format when I’m more available, under the assumption that they are not blown away by tropical wind.)

Chapter 5: Chosen Plaintext Attack:

Chapter 6: Message Integrity:

Chapter 7: Message Integrity from Universal Hashing:

Chapter 10: Public Key Tools: