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Alex Xiong
I am working to bridge the gap between beautiful cryptographic primitives and the underutilization or misimplementation of them.
( Credit: Du Huizhong )

Alex Luoyuan Xiong is an undergraduate student studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering at NTU Singapore.

I work on computer security and privacy-preserving technology. What drives me to wake up every morning is the ideal mission of bridging the gap between the promise of cryptography and the reality of cryptography. What concerns me the most is the chaotic status quo of data ownership & data privacy, in the face of ever greater prevalence of data collection, data mining and (in)vulnerary mass surveiliance.

I enjoy thinking about the irrationalities in our conventional reasoning and maybe thence my craving and appreciation for contrarian disposition. In short, discovering things overlooked or misjudged interests me deeply, especially when I’m the one who took the wrong answer as “truth” for too long.

I’m constantly fascinated by elegant cryptographic constructions.
Ring Signature based on Schnorr Signature was introduced to me during IC3 BootCamp 2017 at Cornell University.
It was the first time I find math mind-blowingly powerful.
Currently devouring A Graduate Course in Applied Cryptography [Boneh,D., Shoup,V.] and Foundations of Cryptography: Basic Tools [Oded Goldreich] .

The most fulfilling part about computer security for me is knowing how things work more fundamentally + telling people they are wrong when they claim their system is “secure”.

I wish to contribute to a world where technologies are more open-sourced, power and decision making are more decentralized, self-motivated learning outside the “rewarding system” is more genuinely valued.

Resumé Available ( source code here)


Email: h[email protected] | Keybase: @alexxiong97 | Twitter: @ALuoyuan

LinkedIn: @AlexXiong


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[email protected], Sept 18
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Gormos: A New Scalable Solution for Decentralized Exchanges
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